Happy New Year | 2022 Dec 25-31

At the time of writing this, it’s already 2023! This week people were on holiday and I mostly spent the time visiting friends and family.

I did however briefly start looking into a new issue and came up with some findings which concluded with me deciding to probably not pursue the issue. It’s another situation that’s sort of awkward just because I’m new, but I’m trying to ignore my self-consciousness and just do good work.

Anyway, because it’s New Year’s time, I figure I’ll embrace the holiday spirit and do the whole reflection and planning thing very briefly in this post. I have a private document that goes into a bit more detail on my reflection for myself, but I figured I would share a bit here.

Looking back on this year…

My subconscious has been trending towards doing less, and focusing more. Nowadays I feel like there is so much life to live within the few things I really value; I have no use for more stuff in my life. For the last couple of years, I felt like I was constantly being pulled in different directions, but this year I really converged on focusing on Bitcoin. I want to become a great engineer and contribute what I can to the ecosystem, and there is so much for me to get from pursuing this.

In the upcoming year…

More than anything, I really want to focus on trying to contribute to LDK and exploring my path in Bitcoin. I also want to document my journey/learning to some extent (i.e. dev logs and blog posts). Besides this, I have a couple things I might like to try out, but aren’t huge priorities: 1. learn to cut my own hair, 2. get better at using VPSs so I can deploy stuff and self-host things more easily 3. learn more about OS/Linux/Unix 3. read some history, and 4. get more out of my editor, maybe try out NeoVim.

To a great 2023!