New phase | 2023 Mar 26-Apr 1

After a couple of weeks of feeling a bit slow, I’m fired up again! Honestly, it’s crazy I get to work on this stuff, and that I get feedback from the other contributors on this project. One of many cool things about open-source.

I’m feeling like I’m getting a bit more confident and getting used to not taking anything personally. There are a lot of weird emotional nuances with contributing that are not that apparent when I started. At least on rust-lightning, people are very good about communicating positivity/appreciation, so I feel like I’ve been very appreciative of that. Nevertheless, it’s scary to work in public and propose changes and get feedback from people you look up to. I don’t want to look stupid or waste people’s time. Now that I’ve faced these things for some months however, I’m getting more used to them, and it’s cool.

Sunsetting dev logs

I’m going to stop posting dev logs so regularly. It’s become more of a chore than a tool. Writing generally is still super helpful, but writing as much as I have been has felt like it’s become more of something I feel like I should do to signal that I’m doing work, and it’s a burden. I no longer feel like I value writing so frequently/elaborately in my day to day.